Early Intervention Network: Supporting Linguistic Competence for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Factor 1


The evidence supporting Factor 1 centers on the importance of language access occurring early in a child's life and the critical nature of quality parent-child communication in the establishment of linguistic competence.

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Recommended Practices

Based on evidence, the recommended practices for Factor 1 are to provide family education to address direct and daily access to language and communication, to facilitate visual language acquisition, and to facilitate spoken language acquisition.

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Program Highlight: Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

The Parent-Infant Program (PIP) is a part of Kendall Demonstration Elementary School's (KDES) early childhood education program and serves children from birth through age 3 and their families. The PIP partners with each family to assess their child's strengths and needs and to explore effective strategies to facilitate all areas of development.

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