Research at the Clerc Center

Research at the Clerc Center

Research at the Clerc Center addresses identified gaps in knowledge and research as they relate to national and demonstration school priority areas.  This published list of priorities fulfills mandates set forth by the EDA and agreements made with the U.S. Department of Education to "establish and publish priorities for research, development, and demonstration."  

Identified gaps stem both from current available research and practices, as well as draw from the Clerc Center's national public input process. The agenda serves to identify priority areas of focus for internal research, establish priorities for collaborations with external researchers, as well as to call attention to key areas that researchers and agencies across the country should consider when identifying areas of research need. Clerc Center research efforts support its mandate to carry out exemplary elementary and secondary education programs, projects, and activities for the primary purpose of developing, evaluating, and disseminating innovative curricula, instructional techniques and strategies, and materials that can be used in various educational environments serving individuals who are deaf or hearing of hearing across the nation as is mandated by the U.S. Congress and EDA. The Clerc Center recognizes the need for collaboration with external researchers to address key priority areas within its research agenda.  External researchers considering research ideas and topics, who are interested in working with the Clerc Center should use these priorities as a guide for topics that would be acceptable for collaborative research and efforts.

Research is a longstanding priority at Gallaudet University, which operates the Clerc Center. To learn more about research activities at the Clerc Center, please visit our sub-pages.

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