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2021-2022 issue - Transformative Practices in Instruction, Collaboration, and Administration

This issue of Odyssey, compiled during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, focuses on how schools, professionals, and families are working together to transform deaf education across the nation, for both in-person and virtual instruction, to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s students.

Commitment to inclusive practices has become a mainstay of American education in response to rapidly changing demographics. Schools and programs are rising to the challenge of meeting the needs of diverse populations of students who may come from homes and families that vary by race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, locality, age, level of education, disability, and language use.

The 17 articles, written by a total of 35 professional and parent authors and focusing on an abundance of topics (e.g., virtual Texas Deaf Ed Road Trip for middle schoolers; reframing academic and functional learning in response to the unique needs of each student; challenges of the face mask mandate during the COVID-19 pandemic; a partnership to transform the way students from across ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds experience literacy instruction while increasing access to dance education; dismantling racial inequities through diverse children’s literature; co-leadership and community involvement at the Clerc Center; social-emotional learning with adolescents; flipped classroom pedagogy in ASL mathematics; the Fostering Joy movement; creating transformative units/teaching self-determination skills; navigating the pandemic as both a professional in deaf education and a parent of deaf, deafdisabled, and OHKODA children with diverse needs; using ASL graphemes with preschool children to develop their English literacy skills; addressing teacher burnout; using music to transform classes for deaf and hard of hearing students with multiple disabilities through Universal Design for Learning; building a deaf school online in Utah; and the power of transformation in deaf education across the nation), are listed below.

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2021-2022 Odyssey Features

Letter from the CAOs

By Marianne Belsky and Nicole Sutliffe

The Great Texas Deaf Ed Road Trip: Middle Schoolers Drive Development of Virtual Learning

by Sarah Wainscott and William Wainscott

Transformation: Reframing Academic and Functional Learning

by Sarah Brandt and Rachel Benjamin

Facing Masks: Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students During a Pandemic

by Lauren Trainor

Teaching Literacy Through Movement: A Transformative Partnership

by Amanda Howerton-Fox, Michelle A. Veyvoda, Hannah Park, and Julia Silvestri

Turning the Pages of Children’s Literature: Dismantling Racial Inequities

by Millicent M. Musyoka, Hadeel Alawad, and Sulaiman Adeoye

Co-Leadership and Community Involvement at the Clerc Center

by Marianne Belsky and Nicole Sutliffe

Social-Emotional Learning: How Can We Best Support Deaf Adolescents?

by Melissa Herzig and Carly Leannah

Flipped Classroom Pedagogy in ASL Mathematics

by Keith Westhoelter

Defiant Joy: The Parent-Professional Collaboration Behind the Fostering Joy Movement

by Amy Szarkowski and Candace Lindow-Davies

Decide, Act, Believe: Teaching Self-Determination Skills

by Kaitlyn Millen, Carrie Lou Bloom, and Karrie A. Shogren

Shifting Priorities, Technology-Centric Practices, and an Ever-Evolving Educational Experience for Our Children

by Catherine C. Valcourt-Pearce

Signs, Graphemes, Books, Writing—and Lots of Joy: Embracing Bilingualism with Preschoolers

by Rachel Steingieser

Transforming Emotional Health: Addressing Teacher Burnout

by Jennifer A. L. Johnson

Creating Transformative Units: Teaching to Foster Self-Determination and Learning

by Pamela Luft, Charlotte Brochu, Ashley Rasizzi, and Courtney Tanner

And the Beat Goes On: Using Music to Transform Classes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students with Multiple Disabilities through Universal Design

by Julia A. Silvestri and Jodi L. Falk

Math, ASL, Social Studies—Building a Deaf School Online

by Michelle Tanner, Nathan E. Harrison, and Adam Billings

The Power of Transformation in Deaf Education

by Andrea Sonnier

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