Odyssey magazine

2017 issue - What's Trending in Student Success

This year we celebrate 200 years of deaf education in the United States! The 2017 issue of Odyssey takes a look at how deaf and hard of hearing students are achieving success both in the classroom and throughout life. Supporting the whole child, keeping expectations high, and looking not only at test scores and literacy but also at whether children are growing and thriving are all important factors in determining student success. This issue includes 18 articles written by a total of 24 professional and parent authors on such topics as:

  • early literacy and supporting emerging ASL skills at home and in the classroom
  • respecting diverse cultures and offering accessibility to families
  • cochlear implant support for students
  • Camp Invention ASL, offering inclusion and making learning about science fun
  • deafblindness from the perspective of a parent
  • working with deaf and hard of hearing refugees and immigrants
  • the impact of learning to dance
  • the importance of family involvement
  • empowering students through giving them ownership of their learning
  • personal and parent stories of student success

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2017 Odyssey articles:

The Early Years: Parents and Young Deaf Children Reading Together

By Lori Lutz

Early Contact, Language Access, and Honoring Every Culture: A Framework for Student Success

By Rosemary Gallegos

Reflections on Success from a High School Graduate

Q&A with Diane Fleming

Massachusetts Offers Trilingual Reading Saturdays to Increase Reading Skills and Confidence

By Kathleen M. Vesey

High School Students with Cochlear Implants: Coming Together for Success

By Debra Nussbaum, Genie Chisholm, Rebecca Galloway, Venita Dzime-Assison, and Jane Doyle

Camp Invention ASL: Inclusive, Relevant, Family-Focused Science

By Joseph Santini

Supporting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschool Students' Emerging ASL Skills: A Bilingual Approach

By Julie Mitchiner and Michelle Gough

Family Support Makes a Difference with a Deafblind Child: Orion's Journey

By Heather Withrow

From the World's Trouble Spots They Arrive in Our Classrooms: Working with Deaf Refugees and Immigrants

By Pamela Wright Moers

Success in Two Languages: Focused Programming Provides On-Target Development for Maine Preschoolers

By Karen Hopkins

Success Through Dancing: Teaching Skills and Awakening Young Souls

By Tara Miles

Five Factors Leading to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students' Success: Perspectives of a Veteran Teacher

By Kelly K. Metz

Measuring Success One (Sight) Syllable at a Time

By Christopher Hayes

With Strong Roots Children Soar: The Stories of Tyese and Michelle

By Barbara Hunt

A Curriculum for ASL: Empowering Students by Giving Them Ownership of Their Learning

By Melissa P. Herzig

Communication and Language Exposure Key to Son's Success: A Mother Reflects

By Brenda Perrodin

Advancing English Literacy by Improving ASL Skills: A Residential School's Quest

By David Dolman and Laurie Rook

The Back Page: High Expectations and Support a Catalyst for Student Success

By Roberta J. Cordano

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