Odyssey magazine

2015 issue - The Influence, Impact, and Opportunity of Technology

The 2015 issue of Odyssey focuses on technology - its influence, impact, and the opportunities it presents for the education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It includes 15 articles that describe how technology has

  • impacted the education and achievement of students who are deaf or hard of hearing from birth through high school,
  • expanded opportunities for professional development and growth, and
  • enhanced support for and engagement of families.

Articles focus on how professionals and families are addressing current challenges or preparing for future technological challenges. Also included are lists of Technology Resources - helpful new tools and resources for educators.

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2015 Odyssey articles:

Captions, Whiteboards, Animation, and Videos: Technology Improves Access

By Jennifer S. Beal-Alvarez and Joanna E. Cannon

iPads for Access, Independence, and Achievement
By Victoria Bricker
Building Bridges, Robots, and High Expectations

By Fiona Bennie, Charlotte Corbett, and Angela Palo

Developing ASL Text in the Bilingual Classroom

By Joey Baer and Rory Osbrink

Screen Recording: An Essential Classroom Tool

By April McArthur, Jenn Christianson, Raye Schafer, and Pamela Whitney

Getting Students Excited About Learning: Incorporating Digital Tools to Support the Writing Process

By Rachel Saulsburry, Jennifer Renee Kilpatrick, Kimberly A. Wolbers, and Hannah Dostal

Auditory Technology and its Impact on Bilingual Deaf Education

By Jennifer Mertes

Bilingual Storybook Apps: An Interactive Reading Experience for Children

By Melissa Herzig and Melissa Malzkuhn

Pioneering Program Teaches Families Sign Language Through Tele-intervention

By Diana Poeppelmeyer and Lynn Reichert

Technology and Multiple Disabilities: Learning What Works for Cree

By Catherine C. Valcourt-Pearce

For All Students Everywhere: Technology Means Independence in a Beautiful Digital World

By Tina Childress

Powering Up Technology from Passive Access to Active Integration

By Shay Taylor

Bilingual Cancer Information: Access is the First Line of Defense

By Patrick Boudreault and Christina Palmer

Online with the Clerc Center: Bringing Resources to Families and Professionals

By Mary Henry Lightfoot and Betsy Meynardie

Technology Resources

The Back Page: Leveling the Playing Field Through Technology

By Philip W. Bravin

2015 Odyssey Extra articles:

Lining Up Strategies: Video Modeling with Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

By Raven Stromek and Cheri Sinnott

Assistive Technology in the Classroom Benefits Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

By Michael Fitzpatrick and Raschelle Neild

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