Mental Health Services for People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Identifying providers of mental health services to people who are deaf has become easier in recent years, although individuals with the appropriate skills move and programs open and close. Because an increased number of specialty services are available for persons who are deaf -- whether mental health, substance abuse, etc. -- and more private practitioners offer counseling to clients who are deaf, Info to Go is identifying a number of resources that can help you begin a search for such services in your locality.

This directory identifies mental health programs and services for people who are deaf in the United States and Canada, including information on services, accreditation, fees, special programs, and accessibility. The directory is intended for use by counselors, private practitioners, clients, program administrators, teachers, and deaf consumers.

The NAD Law and Advocacy Center leads the nation in challenging the most life-threatening form of discrimination against deaf or hard of hearing individuals - discrimination by health care and mental health service providers. The NAD provides position statements on mental health services to help educate service providers who work with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing; recommends specific actions that states can take to address mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing patients; develops guidance on the use of video remote interpreting (VRI) services in hospitals, including minimum requirements for VRI technology and equipment, and provides an advocacy statement which can be used to educate hospitals and medical service providers about VRI.

Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf (SAISD) is a grant-based program operated by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and located on the RIT campus in Rochester, New York. SAISD provides drug and alcohol information, education, prevention, and intervention and referral services to the deaf/hard of hearing community residing in the greater Rochester area.   

For other services which may include mental health see: Statewide Services for Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

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