Funding Resources for Special Projects, Programs, and Activities

The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center often receives requests from organizations and individuals looking for funds for special projects, programs, or activities. Although we do not dispense funds for these kinds of projects, we have developed this selected list of resources to help you locate possible sources of funding. There are references for both proposal and grant writing. We recommend that you utilize your library to review many of these publications, as many of them are updated annually and/or can be quite costly for individuals or nonprofit organizations.

Getting Started: Proposal Writing

The Complete Guide to Getting a Grant: How to Turn Your Ideas into Dollars (1996)
This guide shows individuals and companies how to write a winning proposal. It also provides strategies for applying for, and getting a share of, millions of dollars in grant money that is available every year.

Grantseeker's Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Funding (Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management) 1998
This toolkit helps grant seekers develop strategies in writing a grant proposal. This is an excellent step-by-step manual for new organizations or those starting new programs.

Proposal Planning and Writing (Fourth Edition) 2008
A self-help manual for first-time grant writers with examples on how to find grants and to write successful grant applications. It also includes a list of possible reasons proposals are denied.

Proposal Writer's Guide
Developed by Research and Sponsored Projects at University of Michigan, this on-line guide outlines the components of the grant proposal process.

Looking For Funding: General

Annual Register of Grant Support (2015)
This comprehensive annual directory of support programs is organized into major areas of funding sources and further subdivided into more specific subject fields. There are four indexes: Subject, Organization and Program, Geographic, and Personnel. Each entry includes the address and phone number of the grantmaking organization, program name, type of award, purpose of the program, eligibility, funding level, application procedures, deadline and special regulations.

National Directory of Corporate Giving (19th Edition) (2013)
Fully indexed, the National Directory provides comprehensive profiles of 4,160 companies making contributions to nonprofit organizations. It includes 3,212 foundations and grant-making public charities identified by the Foundation Center as established and funded primarily by companies and 1,769 direct corporate giving programs.

The Foundation Center
The Foundation Center maintains a comprehensive database of grants. It also operates research, education, and training programs designed to advance knowledge of philanthropy at every level. It supports libraries/learning centers and Funding Information Network locations nationwide and around the world.

The "How To" Grants Manual (2011)
This manual was created for novice grant seekers who need instruction on how to begin the grants process, as well as for seasoned grant seekers who want to learn new techniques to save time and increase their success rate.

How to Write Successful Corporate Appeals (2013)
This book gives examples of grant writing letters and proposals, plus pointers and tips that will make proposal writing easy and clear.

Securing Your Organization's Future: A Complete Guide to Fundraising Strategies (2002)
This guide offers what you need to know about funding opportunities for a nonprofit organization. It is recommended for novice grant seekers, experienced fundraisers, and nonprofit management courses.

Successful Corporate Fund Raising: Effective Strategies for Today's Nonprofits (2000)
This book provides solid guidance to nonprofit organizations in their approach to corporate funding. One of its strongest features is its ability to present the grantmaking process from the perspective of corporate executives who are responsible for contributions and schooling readers in effective low-cost strategies for locating, obtaining, and managing corporate resources. The book describes the various forms corporate giving most commonly takes, including cash, in-kind, and volunteerism, and clearly spells out the motivations, perceptions, expectations, and conditions driving most corporate funding. It provides a complete blueprint for developing and maintaining successful corporate fund-raising programs at nonprofits of all sizes.

Looking For Funding: Federal, State, and Local

Federal Grants at
This is a list of all federal grants that become available, including types of projects to be funded and the types of organizations that qualify to apply.

Thompson's Grants Compliance Expert | Federal Grants Development Guide
This guide helps locate federal funding, guides development of competitive proposals, and guides the steps necessary to stay in compliance with the complicated rules that govern federal dollars.

Looking for Funding: Local Service Organizations

Often local chamber of commerce or libraries have a list of various civic and philanthropic organizations in the area, as well as foundations and trusts. Local service organizations such as Lions, Sertoma, Kiwanis, and Civilian Clubs sometimes provide emergency one-time financial aid if funds are available or may fund a specific project or activity. Local churches and church groups, e.g., the Knights of Columbus, Masons, etc., may also serve as resources. Telephone numbers for such organizations can usually be found in the yellow pages of the telephone directory under Clubs, Fraternal Organizations, and Religious Organizations.                                

Looking For Funding: Specific To Disabilities

Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families (PDF)
This is a listing of scholarships, fellowships, grants-in-aid, and other sources of free money available primarily or exclusively to persons with disabilities or members of their families.

Mitsubishi Electric American Foundation
This foundation provides grants to improve the lives of young people with disabilities throughout the country. Grants support a range of projects which help young people with educational, interpersonal, and professional enrichment such as training youth in multimedia and digital storytelling technology; supporting internships for blind or visually impaired students in a product evaluation laboratory; and training volunteers to adapt toys for children with disabilities; and expanding "Virtual Volunteering," which enables people with and without disabilities to volunteer online. The foundation provides a website that serves as an online clearinghouse and online meeting space for families of children with disabilities.

Looking For Funding: Periodicals

The Federal Register
The Federal Register (FR) is published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents. This information can be accessed online for free.

Commerce Business Daily (CBD) *Note: FedBizOpps has replaced the CBD: Check 
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office
CBD is published five times a week (Monday through Friday) and is the official announcement medium for federal contract procurement. This is a valuable publication for researchers because every Request for Proposal (RFP) and contract award over $25,000 must be published in the Daily. The Monday issue contains numbered notes which are referred to in the announcements.

Foundation News (The Council on Foundations)
This publication covers news and ideas on grant-making, federal rules on fundraising, legislation, trends, and resources for non-profits and grant-makers.

Federal Grants & Contracts Weekly
This weekly newsletter contains information on federal and private grants and opportunities, contract announcements, and related activities.                   

Looking For Funding: Local Support Centers

The Foundation Center
The Center disseminates information on foundation and corporate giving. There are several field offices. The foundation center offers a wide range of books, periodicals, and research documents.

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